“My husband can’t Stand your dry bodies” Sarah Kabu Responds to Slay queens Claiming she has a Big tummy


[Bonfire CEO Simon Kabu and Wife Sarah Kabu – Photo | courtesy]

Wife to Bonfire Adventures CEO, Simon Kabu seems to have had enough of online bulling.

Sarah Kabu who is also a co-founder of the  Africa’s Leading Tours and Travel Company, Bonfire Adventures on Friday night left members of a popular Facebook group, Chit Chat bewildered after she responded to a hate post.

A lady member of the ever busy women-only group had posted a photo of Sarah Kabu, her husband Simon Kabu, Bahati and Diana, referring to Sarah’s Tummy as ‘big’.

The photo attracted numerous comments, members questioning why a wife to a tycoon would have a huge tummy with all that money at her disposal.

But out of nowhere, Sarah Kabu striked;

“Ladies hiding in pseudo accounts…why do you imagine am rich? Am struggling like anyone else just dancing in the rain…Why do u want me to be a super model? My villageness is my heritage. Why do u think my husband wants a slayqueen like u…he can’t even stand ur makeups n dry bodies…wish u know how he comments! He so loves the natural woman with a touch of innocence…nkt! Now u have the secret try ur luck next time u meet him (sp),” she commented.

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