Ndindi Nyoro, the Michuki of our time?


Rarely do you see politicians who state their ground and follow to the latter, but meet one Ndindi Nyoro, current MP Kiharu Constituency.

Ndindi is a first term in the expansive constituency and one of the most vocal supporters of Deputy President William Ruto.

The young MP has in the recent past found himself on the hot seat with the recent one being during a burial ceremony in Muranga county.

Nyoro found himself on the receiving end after President Uhuru Kenyatta accused him of “criss-crossing the country making noise instead of focusing on development.

“I hear some people asking for money. Account for the monies that have been allocated in your National Government Constituency Development Funds which are worth Sh100 million instead of loitering the country with endless meetings and unending speeches,” Uhuru stated.

Nyoro had asked the President to help complete a secondary school and dispensary that Thayu had started but stalled. He said they needed Sh5 million.

During the burial of  Thayu Kamau, the President excused himself and walked out of the tent only to get back after the legislator finished his remarks.

He has done the same thing during the burial of Multiparty champion Kenneth Matiba when Uhuru left the tent when Ndindi was speaking and came back after he had left the podium.

It is not however not known whether the two incidents were purposed or innocent coincidences.

Ndindi is considered to be Ruto’s point-man in Muranga county as the DP geras up to his 2022 Presidential bid.

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He has previously served as Kiharu CDF Chairman when current Senator Irungu Kang’ata was serving as area legislator.

His peers in the August House refer to him as a champion of fresh leadership in the House. He has been quoted to be one of the most hardworking first time MPs in Parliament.

He was at one time equated to the late minister ‘Mzee wa Kazi’ John Michuki who spoke his mind for the good of the people.

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