Nine lives: Governor Wambora’s win upheld by Supreme Court


The Supreme Court has upheld the election of Martin Wambora as Embu Governor.

In their ruling, the Judges on Wednesday  said Wambora was validly elected  despite allegations of lack of merit in the petition by the petitioner and former Governor Aspirant Lenny Kivuti.

In August 2018, the Court of Appeal had overturned a High Court decision that nullified Wambora’s 2017 election.

The Appellate Court ruled that the learned judge erred in Law by nullifying the election of Wambora.

She further noted that the minor irregularities noted during scrutiny did not warrant the earlier decision.

The High Court had nullified the election of Wambora on February 22,2018 after a successful petition filed by former Senator Lenny Kivuti.

Wambora appealed the ruling on March 20,2018 and sought orders from the second highest court to strike off the petition.

The governor has in the past been impeached but survived all the cases and allegations that had manated from the court challenge.

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