No lips locked! Pope & Imam’s ‘kiss for peace’ more innocent than it seems

A picture of what, from the first glance, looks to be a kiss on the lips between Pope Francis and Grand Imam Sheikh Ahmed Al Tayeb has caused a stir online – but the act was more of a peck on the cheek than a full-blown smooch.

At an inter-religious meeting in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, the two religious leaders celebrated the signing of a document on fighting extremism together with an embrace – and a kiss.

Many observers, seeing a picture of the event published by Reuters, believed the moment was just a tad too intimate, with the Pope and the Imam all but locking lips in front of onlookers. Social media users snickered, suggested the two “get a room” and mocked the image in light of both religions’ scriptures concerning homosexuality, as well as the UAE’s strictness on public displays of affection.


I would love to be in the room as @VP Mike Pence finds out about this!

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This is some next level holy gayness… I wonder what Quran and bible Thinks about this

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Ahmad Al Hammady ??@AhmadHammady

Is it a bad choice of the photo or it is in purpose?

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Marion Lilian@MarionLilian4

This is 2019, the world is evolving rapidly, so does the way religious leaders greet each other’s. Back off let them have their moment.????

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Fernando Hurtado


So the Pope can kiss men, but the rest of us can’t? ?

Reuters Pictures


Pope Francis and Grand Imam of al-Azhar Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb kiss each other during an inter-religious meeting in Abu Dhabi, and more photos of the day:  | ? Tony Gentile

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