No Tax Payer’s Money will be Embezzled at City Hall, Sonko assures Nairobi MCAs


Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has assured members of the Nairobi City County Assembly that no public funds will be diverted or embezzled under his watch.

Sonko has said his administration will not misuse of divert funds meant for development in Nairobi as witnessed before during previous regimes in the Capital City.

Speaking while addressing the MCAs during a stakeholders’ breakfast meeting at a Nairobi Hotel, Sonko promised to fully implement all his development projects by the end of his term in office.

“I want to assures the assembly that all our development plans will be fully implemented and no development funds will be diverted by my officers or embezzled,” said Sonko.

The Governor however appealed to the MCAs not to frustrate development projects by his administration in their respective Wards.

Meanwhile Sonko has directed all his top officials to honour summons by Assembly committees without fail. The Governor has said that he’s also ready to be grilled by MCA on any issue at City Hall.

“All my officials will honour summons by the assembly, and if they don’t I’m also ready to appear before the assembly’s committees for grilling,” he said.

The breakfast meeting was attended by all Nairobi County MCAs led by acting Nairobi City County Assembly Speaker Chege Mwaura, the assembly’s Majority Leader Abdi Guyo among others.

Speaking during the forum, acting Nairobi City County Assembly Speaker Chege Mwaura assured Sonko that the assembly is rejuvenated and ready to work smoothly with the Nairobi City County Government.

“The Assembly is now fully rejuvenated and ready to work hand in hand with the Sonko administration for the benefit of Nairobi residents. Incidents of chaos and disagreements will never be witnessed again in the assembly,” said Mwaura.

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The Nairobi City County Assembly resumed it’s sittings on Tuesday after the long December break.

At the same time Sonko has appealed to the MCAs to fast track vetting of the 5 County Executive Members nominees.

“I want the assembly to fast track the vetting process of the five nominees so that they can start working,” added the Governor.

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