Nobody should lecture me on my money – William Ruto


Deputy President William Ruto will not be lectured about spending his money as he continues donating to churches.

Ruto over the weekend said his donations come from a good place and political teardown will not change his good intentions.

“I am an ardent reader of the Bible and i understand what we are called to do. Nobody should be forced to give to the Lord. Therefore, someone should not lecture us on what to do with our money,” said Ruto.

Speaking in AIC Katisaa Church in Machakos, Ruto said those opposed to his acts of generosity have the option of keeping their money to themselves.

The DP continues to be taunted for his huge donations in church harambees which goes to a tune of several millions in a single day.

Some politicians are opposed to the donations and have even threatened to draft a law barring politicians from donating more than Sh100,000  in one fundraiser.

The Dp has been accused to using the money to warm to the Kenyan electorate using the donations as he gears towards 2022 where he plans to vie for Presidency.

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