NTSA Suspends Driving License of Driver caught Texting on the wheel


A photo of a driver captured texting with one hand on the wheel and the other on his phone has been doing rounds on social media for the better part of the week.

The driver who works with 2NK Sacco, plying Nyeri Nairobi route was photographed by a passenger who shared the photos on Facebook after ‘attempts to have the driver drop the phone failed.’

“We told him severally to mind about our safety, I personally told him thrice after seeing his phone use was irritating, I communicated with 2NK headquarters to no avail before coming here” He wrote on Facebook.

The driver claimed he pulled out his phone during a ‘lapse of reason’ to contact an undisclosed person while he was driving a 14 seater Matatu with passengers on board along the Nyeri Nairobi highway.


National Transport and safety authority on Thursday afternoon released a statement after holding a multi-agency team meeting that included NTSA team, Kenya Police, the driver caught texting and 2NK Sacco officials.

“Following the meeting, a number of actions have been taken;

1. The Driver’s driving licence has been suspended
2. PSV licence ( Class A endorsement ) has been revoked and PSV badge withdrawn
3. The driver to be retested to access his competencies
4. 2NK Sacco to remove the driver from their portal
5. 2NK Sacco to take responsibility and organize a road safety sensitization for the Sacco management, all its drivers and conductors within 7 days.” States part of the statement by NTSA posted on Facebook.

NTSA has also urged members of the public to continue supporting the Authority in weeding out rogue drivers in order to keep our roads safe.

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“As an Authority, we are committed to taking action against any driver violating traffic rules and we encourage members of the public to continue reporting.” Wrote NTSA on Facebook.

Texting while driving not only puts the driver doing the texting at a higher risk of an accident but puts other people’s lives in danger.

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