Nyandarua Man chops His Father into Pieces, calls Chief to Report


A middle aged man on Wednesday is said to have chopped into pieces  in Nyandarua County ,Ol Kalou Constituency, Silanga.
Witneses say, After the incident, the man went to Silanga market where he confessed to his friends that he had killed his 63- year-old father when he attemped to slap him.
“My father tried to slap me when I demanded money from him. He said I was lazy and useless, (so) I attacked him to teach him a lesson,” the man narrated to frightened neighbours.

He went ahead  to narrate how he sliced his own father for not giving him Ksh. 6000.
“I do not regret my action, after all, he is dead. I used a jembe to kill him then sliced him into pieces,” he added.

Mr John Kamande, a neighbour described the suspect as a drug addict who is also a trouble maker.

“We are aware killer is a drug addict and a lazy troublemaker. We suspect he killed his father after he declined to give him money,” he said.

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