Nyoro must go home, Kenyans want to Ndindi recalled after tabling bill to cripple DCI, DPP


Kenyans are irked by the push to of their Legislator Ndindi Nyoro  to introduce a bill to clip the powers of the DCI and the DPP in fighting graft.

The residents have taken to social media condemning the move saying the First term MP is focused on 2022 campaigns as opposed to his mandate in the Constituency.

This is after Ndindi sponsored the Anti-Corruption Laws (Amendment) Bill, which has already passed the First Reading.

The MP, a supporter of DP William Ruto’s 2022 Presidential bid wants DPP restricted to the prosecution of criminal matters.

The DCI will not have any powers in cases that revolve around graft and corruption related charges.

If the bill is passed to law,  investigations of all corruption cases will fall squarely under the EACC, leaving the DCI with other criminal matters to investigate and recommend prosecution by the DPP.

The bill has also been opposed by Opposition leader Raila Odinga who told off Ndindi for allegedly trying to derail war on on graft.

“We want to remove Kenya from the corruption index but there is an MP who is not doing anything. Rushes to parliament to clip the powers of the DCI,” he said on Tuesday.


Here are some reactions:

Kari’s Junior Instead fighting how the road from muranga to kiriaini will be done ur work is keep running up and down. Let us see if u will see that Parliament again. Am ashamed of muranga leaders.


Eglah Kamau Thumb up. Lakini please tulia ku serve Kiharu people. Wacha kutembea Sana especially going out with the wrong people who will cause your downfall.


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Dave Theuri Taking a corruption battle ground where you can easily manipulate…. You, your master en some other few are type of pple nature shud ruthless punish.


Duncan Rutere It’s a big shame that Kiharu constituency that always voted for the most hardworking and honest son of Kenya (Matiba) has chosen to give us this charlatan. Kenyans will not allow you to derail the war on corruption for your own selfish gains. Everyday you open your mouth and sponsor bills to fight the DCI and DPP gives us clues on who not to vote for in 2022. Tukutane kwa debe!


Robert Irungu Mbiri If you gave similar energy to bills that touch on agriculture and access to government services for our constituents, that would mean business. Otherwise, your antics are purely PR stunts that have no merit

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