Our success story behind dairy farming – Governor Mwangi wa Iria


Muranga county government set out a dairy infrastructure which is end to end starting from the farm gate all the way to the shelf.
Governor Mwangi Wa Iria in his first term of office invested in good breeds by offering free quality AI services to farmers where so far over 100,000 animals have been served .
The governor, then started a fodder program where he gave dairy farmers high yielding Kakamega 1 and 2 Napier grass for free from Kari .

This has ensured high milk production through out the year due to availability of quality fodder for the animals.
Its after that the governor invested in an extensive cold chain programe where he procured 40 coolers with a capacity of 5,000 liters each and gave them for free to dairy farmers who he again organised into small cooperatives to ease milk collection and balking. He then put together the small cooperatives into one big cooperative the Muranga County Cremeries which signed contracts with milk buyers and locked the farm gate price at sh35 through out the year .
The county government has now completed the dairy value chain by setting up a multi million milk factory in Maragwa with a processing capacity of 800,000 litres per day and a storage capacity of 200 000 liters. Meaning the factory capacity is 1 million liters the biggest in the region.
Muranga produces 450,000 litres of milk today per day up from 90,000 liters 6 hours ago.
Farmers earn sh473 million per month and sh5.6 billion annually equivalent to the annual budget that the county government receives from the exchequer every year.
The Dairy supply chain is a success in Muranga and will even get better after the packed product gets to the market and farmer earnings increase from sh35 per litre to sh40. The future looks bright for the dairy farmers and other stakeholders in Muranga.

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