Pastor ng’ang’a seeks court protection over 3.5M rent arrears


Televangelist Apostole James Maina Ng’ang’a has now moved to Court to forestall his intended prosecution over refusal to pay rent arrears amounting to 3.6 million shillings.
In his Court papers, Ng’ang’a says that the criminal investigations against him and his intended prosecution are based on a commercial transaction which falls under a civil suit. insists that his intended prosecution is a contravention of his fundamental right to a fair trial, fair administrative action and amounts to an abuse of the legal process.
He now wants the court to stop the Director of Public Prosecution restrained from prosecuting him pending the hearing and determination of the petition challenging his intended prosecution.
He argues that he has been subjected to untold mental and psychological anguish and torture hounded by the acts of the respondents who he claims he is heel bent on depriving him his freedom and security by using different agents and servants based at different stations.
“The 2nd , 3rd , and the 4th respondents have instituted criminal investigations and intend to prosecute the petitioner on Tuesday in respect to a complaint lodged by the 1st respondents which is purely a civil matter arising out of a lease agreement on L.R No.7792/25&7792/26 Karen, Nairobi entered into on 6th April 2016,”reads court papers.
Through his lawyer he argues that the move to prosecute him is an attempt to exert illegal and unlawful pressure to make the payment to pay 3.6 million shillings to Wickson Njoroge Mwathi as lease agreement for a seven bedroom house in Nairobi’s leafy suburb, Karen.
It is his argument that Wickson Njoroge Mwathi –the complaint is only being used as a tool for personal score-setting, individual vendetta and just brandishing at him the sword of punishment.
Nganga who is on out on police bond claims that he was to be charged last Friday but he the bond was extended to This Tuesday after the Investigating officer told him that his file was still undergoing investigations on.
Wickson Njoroge Mwathi. Inspector of General of Police, The director of Criminal Investigations Department and the DPP have been named as respondents.
He claims that in the year 2006, he was approached by several Chinese nationals who wanted to lease his land in Karen adding that the same Chinese nationals approached Njoroge to act as their agent or servant.
“On April 6, 2016, I entered into a lease agreement with Njoroge,”said Pastor.
He further argues that said that the aforementioned lease was in regard to L.R Number 7792/25 and 7792/92 Karen.
The pastor added L.R Number 7792/25 and 7792/92 Karen, Nairobi is a residential property which was rented as seventeen bed roomed house with the usual facilities extra-large parking.
He added that the rent payable was 450,000 Shillings per month clear of any deductions whatsoever payable yearly or in advance on or before day 5 of the month.
“One of the conditions was payment of a deposit of two months’ rent was to be paid to myself, being the landlord of the property which was indeed paid,” reads court papers
Chinese nationals are said to have paid six month’s rent in advance.
He said he paid two agents two months deposit of the rent as his agency fees as they agreed.
“Today I have neither received any written notice from the tenant nor did 60 days rent as required,” claims Pastor Nganga.

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