[PHOTOS] Boy Whose Video Went Viral Receives a Thrilling Party and Gifts from Kiengei


A video of a small boy purportedly narrating how an event was lit went viral on Facebook and was widely shared across the social platform.

The boy was unlucky When He went to a Birthday Party Where They chased Him Since He was not Clean like the invited Kids, But of course in a typical birthday, he Saw Juice,Mathwiti and makeki (juice, sweets and cakes) which he narrated so well as his uncle filmed.

Since the video went viral, it caught the attention of radio presenters Jeff Kuria of Inooro who was first to post the video on his Facebook page and Kiengei of Kameme radio.

Muthee kiengei of Kameme lobbied his friends and his huge social media following and embarked on finding the boy only identified as Mbugua, and sure, he located Him in his home in Kiambu suburbs, where he lives with his grandmother, Thanks to the Power of Social Media.

On Tuesday, Kiengei and his friends visited the boy and his grandmother in their home where they presented gifts, a huge shopping to the family and a birthday cake to the boy.

“He will Be in-touch with what He saw but never Touched, He will wear the clothes He Saw but never wore them and according to her Granny The Boy Loves Bicycles that He keeps on chasing lucky kids who owns a Bicycle,Leo kitaeleweka Ngaiii inbox if you have Mathwiti or makeki for Mbugua” he posted on facebook.

Kiengei later revealed that the video was recorded 5 years ago by the boy’s uncle and the boy is now all grown.

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“Mbugua is one of the Happiest Boy child Today,Thanks a lot to all my Facebook Friends who offered and sent their Money to buy Clothes,bicycle Food and whatever the Boy was denied His face can tell it all, ..Just To clarify the video was recorded sometimes Back” He added.

He also stated that the boy is living with an unidentified disorder, where he pleaded with specialists and people of good will to help secure a learning slot in a special school in the country.

“we have also Left Something small for His Grandmother to begin a Small business, So from now Please use this Number if you still wish to support the Humble Grandmother (0719805393) That’s Her Number,They Need a Lot, God Bless you all..”

Check The photos below:

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Photos | Courtesy Kiengei on Facebook

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