PHOTOS: Inside Katempa’s New State of the Art Recording Studio


Pushing music to the forefront of his ardent fans, recent innovative moves by Katempa include launching his own recording label.

Having two songs – Tigana nanii and ungimenya compete in chats and running a new label by him is not easy but this songbird seems to do it so effortlessly.

Along with the label announcement, Katempa revealed his first signing on a facebook post, a new crop in the Kikuyu music industry named Ufanisi.

In the music industry, there’s room for everybody and as more newcomers come into the game, Innovative musicians like Katempa are using this model, kicking off record companies of their own. Boss moves for real!

Tempire Records which is located at the heart of Ruai town, is one of its kind with digital and state of the art systems, hardware and paraphernalia, anyway, Check out photos below and rate this studio out of 10;

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