Photos of a Mukorino Woman in a Swimming pool Leaves Netizens in Awe (Photos)


Kenyans generally know Akorinos to be pious, prim and proper in everything they do they are also known to dance themselves into a religious delirium.

One question: ever seen a mukorino in a swimming pool? I don’t think so, in-fact my friends once told me “Ukiona mukorino karibu na swimo, huyo ameenda kupiga wengine picha”.

But wait, one woman is breaking the myth about Akorinos and the swimming stereotypes.

The lady with a fine curvy body glowing in her swimming bikini has caught the eyes of Kenyans on Social Media after her photos circulated online eliciting mixed reactions.

Bernard Otieno on Facebook posted:

The 1st time to see #Mukorino in a Swimming pool,kumbe mnakuanga #waTHICK

Nani amejaribu kuzoom hiyo last pic??

Kenyans: We’ve never seen a Mukorino in a swimming pool.

The photos have gone viral now, and men are excited beyond means, the reason for all the excitement is obvious as it’s common knowledge that very few people, if any at all, have ever seen a mukorino woman in a swimming pool, I mean inside the pool and swimming!

Check out the photos below:

Photo | courtesy
Photo | Courtesy
Photo | Courtesy


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