PHOTOS: Vehicles with similar number plates could lead you to jail


Hundreds Kenyans risk losing their cars if they are reported to have similar number plates, the government has said.

This is as  the NTSA offices were raided on Wednesday and 19 staffers arrested in ongoing investigations on how a car used by terrorist was given plates that are similar to another car.

In a double registration case, a motorist had parked at a city hospital called police when he spotted another car with the same registration number as his.

Collins Okeya had taken his daughter to the hospital on January 25 when he noticed the vehicle.

Okeya’s car is a Subaru Legacy registration number KBZ 142D. The other vehicle is a Toyota Harrier car. Police detained both cars to authenticate which car had been copied.

Investigators said that brokers within the NTSA act as links between criminal gangs and employees of the motor vehicle registry.

Officers from the Flying Squad, the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), raided the NTSA offices in Upper Hill, Nairobi, to find out how the crimes that were committed leading to the 14 Riverside Drive attack that led to the loss of 21 lives.

Some NTSA officials are alleged to  be helping the applicant apply for a new number plate for a fee, depending on how many people within the authority were involved in the process.

Flying Squad boss Musa Yego says fake and cloned number plates are becoming increasingly common warning Kenyans to do thorough search

Some of the cars with similar number plates. Photo/COURTESY

  when purchasing vehicles.


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