Political giants, where they went: Esther Murugi


Little is heard of the former Nyeri Town MP Esther Murugi Mathenge since she lost the Parliamentary seat in 2017 general elections to Wambugu Ngunjiri.

Murugi became popular after she threatened to strip if the Hague based Court ICC summoned President Uhuru Kenyatta to answer on a case against crimes which the Court did.

Murugi did not however strip and after losing the MP seat was only seen once when a plane she was flying in crashed at Nyaribo Airstrip in Nyeri County during take-off.

Who is Esther Murugi

The former MP was elected under the Party of National Unity and was elected to represent the Nyeri Town Constituency in the National Assembly of Kenya since the Kenyan parliamentary election, 2007.

She then moved to TNA and eventually Jubilee Alliance in 2013.

In her tenure as MP Murugi also served as Cabinet Minister for Special Programmes between 2010 and 2013.

She had also served as Cabinet Minister for Gender and Children’s Affairs immediately she was elected.

Why she was unable to retain her seat
It is said like most MPs from Mt Kenya region who lost her seat, Murugi concentrated in national politics instead of development in Nyeri town.

Nyeri town is a cosmopolitan constituency and some voters believed in new leadership leading to the eventual election of MP Ngunjiri.

The former MP now focuses on businesses and farming and has refused to state whether she will make a comeback in the 2022 elections.


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