Political giants, where they went: Jamleck Kamau


Former Kigumo MP Jamleck Kamau has been known to be a voice of reason in the last one decade of Kenyan politics.

The two term MP who also vied for Muranga Governor has however not been hear for over six months given his rather bold political statements especially when they revolve around the support of President Uhuru Kenyatta and the Jubilee government.

Who is Jamleck Kamau?

He first vied for MP in 2002 under the Kanu ticket but lost only to win the seat in 2007 under the PNU ticket and given a second term under the now defunct TNA party.

He also served as Cabinet Secretary in former President Mwai Kibaki’s government as well as chairing several Parliament committees.

According to the National Assembly hansard, Jamleck voted in favour of all government-sponsored motions in parliament.

However his political career was paused if not stalled in 2017 when he decided to vie for Muranga County Governor against the incumbent Mwangi wa Iria.

Jamleck lost the hotly contested Jubilee party nominations for the gubernatorial race having secured slightly over 18,000 votes,to the incumbent who garnered just over 205,000 votes.He stated of his discomfort in the primaries but decided to resign from Jubilee and seek election as an independent.

Jamleck then led a group of politicians to campaign for President Uhuru’s election in the repeat polls in October 2017 polls and was last seen in a major ceremony during the repeat elections as he cast his vote in his rural polling station in Githima, Kigumo constituency.

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Why he failed to clinch the governor seat

In what appeared to be an indication of support by national players of the Jubilee alliance, Kamau hosted parliamentary majority leader Adan Duale among other leaders in his thanksgiving rally in Murang’a in December, 2016.

In the event, Wa Iria’s record as governor was attacked as the former MP also launched his manifesto leading to increased rivalry between the two leaders.

This eld to various other confrontations in the leading months to the polls a move that would be least termed as humbling for the would have been favourite Mt Kenya Kingpin.

The other aspect that would have contributed is the alleged fall out with a section of senior government officials who are said to have been derailing President’s Uhuru’s plans of development in his first term.

In politics one has to have a political base on matters voting given that it is a game of numbers.

Jamleck was however least voted in his home constituency and it is allegedly blamed on his history with the current MP Ruth Mwaniki who supported Wa Iria in her campaigns.

It is likely that Jamleck may make a comeback in the political scene in the 2022 polls especially after he recently started gracing functions within the county.

It is only time that will tell because a day in politics equal 365 days in a year.

Jamleck Kamau in Kigumo

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