Pornhub planting trees for every 100 videos watched


PornHub announced that for every 100 video streams viewed in one specific category on the site, they’ll plant a tree in celebration of Arbor Day.

The site is keeping a running tally of how many trees will be planted, and as of Monday afternoon, more than 11,000 had already been logged. Well, people on the Internet do love the environment.

And considering the site gets hundreds of millions of views each day, then even barren places like the Sahara Desert could soon become a tropical paradise.

Under the proposed scheme, it is even thought that this planet will quickly run out of available space to plant the trees, meaning that the Moon and even Mars could be terraformed within years.

Talking about the adult industry’s bid to save the planet, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“Who would have thought that just by watching adult films, then you could potentially save the planet from the effect of hundreds of years of abuse from mankind.

“Our covert morale monitoring software – that watches people in their homes – suggests that there will be some people out there who, because of their fondness of the site, will be single-handedly (literally) saving the planet.

“The only real concern with this proposal, is that within a few days there will not be enough land mass left to plant the trees.

“If that happens, then we might have to start planting the trees on the moon or clearing houses to make way for them.

Story compiled from Ministry of Morale and

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