Raila cannot call The Pope, maybe a local Chief – Moses Kuria speaks on DP Ruto’s gift to Catholic church


Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has told off Opposition leader Raila Odinga over continued the war of words between Deputy President William Ruto and Raila in regard to a gift to its new Archbishop of Kisumu Philip Anyolo.

Kuria on Mondays stated that Raila had lied to the nation over allegations that the Catholic Church turned down a Pajero after the Pope insisted that the gift, a vehicle — Mitsubishi Pajero — be returned to sender.

“Moses kuria ‘ viongozi muachane na kanisa yetu ati mtu alipigia pop simu sijui nini…..mtu apigie chief wa kwao.'”

Loosely translated to “Leaders should and must stop focusing on the Catholic church , apparently someone called the Pope, let us not be deceived, they can only call a Chief.”

Raila had alleged that Catholic church will not accept gifts from people who are “known to have stolen from taxpayers”.

However DP Ruto tweeted on Sunday saying “The master of deceit as always is spewing desperate lies. The car gift was bought by Christian leaders including UK and myself at the request of the chair of Catholic MPs. Understandably empowering the church offends magicians (sic) and the evil spirits they worship. Shetani ashindwe (devil be defeated)!.”

Catholic Church head John Cardinal Njue, Sunday said he was not aware of Mr Odinga’s claims over the Pope’s directive to the Church.

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