Raila is a nightmare, Oscar Sudi alleges over 2022 elections


Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi wants ODM Party leader Raila Odinga stopped from alleged scheming of the 2022 politics.

Sudi, a close ally and defender of Deputy President William Ruto has accused the former premier of planning to

break up Jubilee so that the Deputy President does not succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta when his term ends.

He wants the handshake between the President and the Opposition chief to end, saying it is causing more disunity rather than advancing peace.

Sudi further alleged that Raila and his supporters do not mean well for this country and are bent on breaking the bond borne after unifying parties by Jubilee party top leadership

However his statements have been met with a lot of reaction by Kenyans on social media.

IMAGINE! Oscar Sudi will be the CS of Interior in Ruto’s cabinet, Echesa CS Education, Murkomeno the AG, Khalwale CS of Labour and State funeral arrangements, Kimani Machungwa CS of Foreign affairs and Waititu CS Lands??‍♂️ Kenya is going to the hungry dogs

Oscar Sudi trying to please his master has no Audacity to speak on behalf of us kalenjins who are not ready to fight anyone even a statue of a kikuyu figure. If Oscar sudi wants war let him arm his children and wife then deploy them to Kisimayu for a half a day.

When a dog barks just look for it’s owner. We all know Oscar Sudi speaks for the notorious land grabber. His reckless speech on Saturday reflects what the pretender from Sugoi wants to do when he loses in 2022. They are planning to butcher people. DCI arrest that fool soonest

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Please Mr. Oscar Sudi, stop dividing us along tribal line. The highest number of my friends are luos…..how do I explain to them that not all Kalenjins think like you? You are the most silly leader of the 21st century.

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