Rent defaulters to deal with CRB, landlords demand


Any tenant that defaults their rent will be blacklisted by the credit Reference Bureau (CRB)  if a proposal by landlords becomes law.

The Urban Landlords and Tenants Association (Ultak) have forwarded a proposal that demands for all tenants seeking to move houses to first get clearance from CRB before moving in.

Ephraim Murigo, Ultak Secretary General on Thursday night stated that the move is geared towards taming rising cases of rent defaulters in urban centers.

“It is very important if both tenants and landlords keep a cordial type of relationship, the habit of chasing tenants up and down should be done away with,” he said while appearing on an interview in KTN on Wednesday.

This move will however be met with resistance from tenants who argue that being listed on CRB does not directly affect their link with the landlords.

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