REVEALED: Did Nyakera have a Hand in farmers Failure to get tea mini-Bonus?


Queries over Former PS and Kenya Tea Sector Lobby chairperson Irungu Nyakera’s involvement in the tea sector are being raised by farmers.

This is after Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) failed to pay farmers this year’s mini-bonus as has been the norm.

Hushed tones have been pointing fingers at Nyakera who they accuse of interfering with the running of tea sector leading to their lacl of monetary benefits.

Nyakera has been at the forefront fighting for tea reforms accusing Kenya Tea Development Agency of using the courts to derail implementation of sector reforms.


The law was passed by the Senate in December and assented to by the President.

However in a twist of events, the farmers now want the President to investigate Nyakera’s involvement leading to their not being paid.

James Mukuna, a farmer from Ichichi said the move by the tea agency to not pay the tea bonus had affected most farmers.

“We were happy that the former ps was fighting for us, but now he has made us not receive our mini bonus and our children are at home as we have no school fees..” he decried.


Judy Nyawira, a farmer from Kanyenyaini expressed disappointment at Nyakera accusing him of having personal interests in the tea campaign he led.

“We now see as if the former ps had his own interests at heart because since he was given a position by President Uhuru Kenyatta he has gone silent. We did not receive our tea payments and he has said nothing,” she said.

Nyakera exited from the government in a cabinet reshuffle and at one point vowed to cooperate with investigators probing the multi-billion Arror and Kimwarer dams scandal to unearth the truth.

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He has since then been actively involved in politics and is said to be preparing to vie for governor in 2022.


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