S. Sudan Government bans Akothee from touring the country, claims she is too immoral


South Sudan government has rushed to blocking Akothee, a Kenyan female musician who wanted to tour the country sometimes this year. The Give it to me singer has been the talk of Kenyan music industry and with the popularity she is getting, she felt she should entertain her fans in South Sudan but to her dismay the request turned sour.

A first-hand information from South Sudan embassy in Nairobi disclosed that Akothee approached the embassy early this week to set up dates for her music tour in South Sudan. The request was well received and passed to the ministry in the country for approval but after proper scrutiny of the musician, Dr Nadia and Makuei Lueth concluded she’s too immoral.

The request was quickly turned down as the government considers her not to be a good fit to entertain a growing industry. Dr Nadia said, ‘She is a bad influence and lacks self-respect. I watched her performances on YouTube and with the way she immorally behaves on stage, I conclude she is not the right musician to entertain our youth’.

South Sudan has hosted Jamaican artist Konshens and it was after government approval otherwise if they refused, he would not have set foot in the country. Akothee has a history of arrogance, online wars with fans and fellow musicians and the government of South Sudan doesn’t expect such from public figures whose job is to inspire fans and those following their footsteps.

Makuei Lueth said the decision is final and she rather visit as a tourist than an entertainer. ‘I don’t want my kids and relatives to watch a woman spreading her legs while in pants almost exposing her genitals in the name of entertainment. That would be an erotic behaviour for them to copy’, Makuei said.

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Photo/reporting Courtesy of : Juba eye

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