Seen the new Sukuma wiki at your vendor’s? Here they are


The malkia kales are not your ordinary sukuma wiki. They have broad-leaves that look like green flowers rather than the usual kales. But these are not new to farmers, they are just not commonly grown. 

The unique kales are bring showcased by the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization at the ongoing show. 

Winfridah Wasswa a research technologist from Kalro- Kabete says the malkia kales have been in the market since the 90s, “but they are not popular unlike the ordinary makes,” she says. 


Some of the commonly grown kale varieties in Kenya include Marrow Stem, Thousand Headed, Sukuma Wiki Hybrid, Thousand Headed, Collard Southern Georgia and Collard Mfalme F1.

Wasswa says the malkia kales are unique and ‘elegant’ hence the name malkia. The sukuma wiki also have unique traits including early maturity of 40 days from the date of transplanting unlike ordinary sukuma wikis that take 50 days to mature. 

“They are also high yielding with about 20-25 tonnes pet acre. The leaves are tender and tastier and takes a shorter time of about five minutes to cook hence saving on energy,” she says.

The researcher explains that the agronomic practices used to grow the malkia kales is not any different from the ordinary ones but it fetches more money in the market.

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