SHOOT THEM! Philippine president tells Filipinos to shoot Corrupt public Servants


[photo Credit: Philippine Presidential Communications Office]

If a public official or worker demands bribe in exchange for faster service, President Rodrigo Duterte has a quick solution.

He urged any Filipino citizen to simply shoot — but not kill — the erring public servant.

In a controversial speech given in Bataan province, north of Manila, Duterte urged Filipino citizens to slap any public official taking or asking for a bribe or shoot them in the foot.

He said as long as they don’t kill, the attacker would be immune from prosecution.

The outspoken president, however, stressed that they should not kill the corrupt officials.

The 74-year-old strongman is known for his unorthodox ways in dealing with social problems that beset his country.

Duterte promised anyone who shoots a public official after witnessing them taking bribes that they would be immune from prosecution.

In a September 12 speech during a visit to Bataan province north of Manila, Duterte said shooting corrupt officials in the foot is a deterrence against corruption in the country.

Duterte also promised to defend the attacker.

In the speech, Duterte said: “If you pay a tax, or fee or get a certificate, and the officials ask for a bribe, hit them. If you have weapons, you can shoot them, but don’t kill, because during the proceedings, you may not receive a pardon.

In a mix of Filipino and English, Duterte said:

“Don’t kill them because you might end up getting embroiled with those given pardon after computation. Just the foot. It will only be serious physical injuries. You’ll be placed on probation. You’ll just report to the probation officer. At least you shot a foolish thief, and I will defend you.”

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