Sonko is a joker, Waititu says over bhang remarks


Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu BabaYao has dismissed remarks by his Nairobi counterpart Mike Sonko stating that power has got into his head.

Speaking during a Citizen TV show on Wednesday, Waititu stated that Sonko should focus on his mandate and stop insulting people without intent.

“I have known Sonko and he comes from far and he is a leader like i am and if those words were said by someone else i would go to court but because i know he is corrupted by power i will not,” Waititu said.

“The other day he insulted a man old enough to be his father and recorded the conversation to prove something but that shows you the man he is,” he added.

Waititu was responding to Sonko who on January 23 claimed that the two used to smoke bhang together during their days as MPs.

Sonko made the remarks in the same show that Waititu had been invited in.

Waititu further reaffirmed his stand that  nobody will be allowed to interfere with the matatu industry in regard to Sonko’s plan to bar 14 seater matatu’s from the CBD.

“90 per cent of matatu operators in Kiambu rely on the 14-seater matatus  and we all know that Nairobi belongs to everybody. He should respect matatu people as business people,” he said.

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