Spotlight on MCAs: Kahumbu’s Eric Kamande


To many he is not just an ordinary MCA but the force of reason in Muranga County.

Eric Kamande is currently serving as Kahumbu ward MCA for a second term and also the current Majority leader in the County Assembly.

Eric is known to many after a 2018 fiasco between MCAs at a Kiambu hotel over the position of Majority leader.

Two former MCAs and a party official were left with serious injuries after the then MCAs forced into the hotel to have one of their own, Kimorori Wempa Amos Murigi to occupy the office of the majority leader.

However Kamande asked Murigi and his camp to leave, saying he was still the majority leader leading to the fight and Murigi was later arrested and arraigned in court.

In April last year, the Political Parties Dispute Tribunal has removed Murang’a County Assembly Majority Leader Erick Kamande.

Tribunal members Milly Lwanga Odongo, Hassan Abdi and Adelaide Mbithi ruled that Kimorori MCA Amos Murigi will replace Kamande.
Murigi had filed a petition with the tribunal after the Jubilee Party failed to recognize his election as Majority Leader after January 5 elections that were marred by violence when rival groups of ward representatives clashed.

Who is Eric?

In his tenure as Majority leader, the MCA has been the most vocal defender of Muranga County Assembly and is in some corners called the true defender of Muranga Governor Mwangi wa Iria.
Eric, one of the many youthful MCAs in Muranga is credited for providing water to his electorate in Kahumbu, the rather drier parts of Kigumo constituency.
In a Constituency that majorly has tea and coffee as its main cash crops, Kamande has ensured that Kahumbu which does not have either of the two seek other forms of value addition by urging locals to focus on fruit farming as well as dairy farming, a project he partnered with the county government.
“We are in the process of setting up projects that help in value addition of our crops and fruits because that is the only way the youth and jobless will make money,” he says.
Kamande, a member of the Liaison Committee is mandated to to provide  guidance and coordinate the operations, policies and mandates of all other Committees in the assembly.
However the political direction of Kamande is not known as he has not declared whether he will seek to defend his seat for a third term in 2022 or seek Kigumo MP seat. Only time will tell.

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