Steve Oduk arrested over fake gold bars, US dollars


DCI detectives have raided arrested flamboyant personality Steve Oduk in a popular club in Nairobi.

Oduk was arrested on Thursday in Plan 254 club in Kilimani Nairobi and found fake US dollars and gold bars.

The officers from DCI also seized US$ 1 million notes and 147 gold bars.

The fake US dollars seized when detectives raided Plan 254 in Nairobi. [Photo/Citizen Digital]
The flashy businessman is remembered for throwing a Sh 2.5 million baby shower for his girlfriend Aeedah Bambi, which was attended by over 200 guests, including radio and television presenters, businessmen, political aspirants, musicians and those in showbiz circles.

In October 2013, he was among a gang of six arrested for kidnapping two children of Indian origin and they were demanding that the family gives them Ksh 86 million in order for the duo to be released.

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