Stop betting! Kabogo begs Kenyans


First Governor of Kiambu County is calling on Kenyans to desist from the urge of betting given  the rise of cases of murder and suicide over loss of money in gambling.

The former Governor expressed his opinion on Monday after a photo of a young boy circulated in social media outlets where he is holding a placard pleading with a betting company to give his family sh200 for lunch.

“When I saw this I felt terrible. I’ve tried to tell people to stop betting and that it’s a sort of scam that enriches a few and makes very many people poor. They collect say 20/= from 1 million people, that is 20m and the give out 2m. Who’s fooling who. ? STOP BETTING!!” Kabogo posted.

On the placard, the young child alleges  that the father has ben using all his salary of sh13,200 on gambling with no returns thereby leaving the family with nothing.

However his sentiments were not welcome to all who believe betting is a personal choice for anyone in their right age and mind frame.

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