Stop picketing and do what we elected you for, letter to Mt Kenya leaders


Dear Mt. Kenya leaders ,

I almost started this open letter by asking you whether you came from God, but thank heavens I deleted that, I strive to be diplomatic enough.

Let’s jolt it this way;

Have you realized that you are the most vocal politicians in this country and maybe in East, west and central Africa? Congratulations!

How I wish that was a complement, let’s look at what your vocal cords vibrate to the world;
1. “Kieleweke”
2. Tangatanga

Every weekend, every opportunity, every platform this is what we hear you discussing and selling to the people.

Tangatanga adherents assuring, re- assuring and re-reassuring that the Mt.Kenya votes will go to William Ruto in 2022, while Kieleweke is campaigning against those campaigning for 2022 in 2019. (wow! just wow!) I hope this is all what Mt.Kenya need.

Pause for a moment, reflect and meditate on that.

I don’t want to condemn you before you justify and maybe reply on above,
but look at Ukambani,
does it mean all their leaders swallowed their tongues due lack of water or voters will have succumbed to drought by 2022 or their voices are inaudible for related reasons?
I know that’s what you might say but look at what is happening down there, industries on what they produce are booming in Makueni, kitui and Machakos.
leaders are talking about improving the livelihood of their people.

Look at the coast, Western and Nyanza.
leaders are asking “what for our people NOW?”

Every opportunity and platform Western region leaders get they ask about the Pan paper, Mumias and other industries. Am I lying?

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Nyanza, they are all about their lake and the SGR reaching Kisumu.

Coast, they talk around tourism and the port as if it belongs to them only, they want their people employed there with or without credentials, they are excited about the blue economy.

I won’t talk about rift-valley leaders, as of now but it has been all about their people’s good maize prices and availability of fertilizer since 2013.
Rift-valley is the main beneficiary of subsidized fertilizer.

Dear Mt.Kenya leaders and readers.
Can we all pause for a moment and internalize.

Let’s come home now, do you want us to discuss our region and you leaders in the same light?

We are not just businessmen, we are Farmers too, our Agricultural sector is suffering, surviving and dead all at the same time.
When God give us good farm products we either give it back to nature through decomposition or just become generous with brokers, we got no choice.
We sell everything in its raw state. What a shame!

Dear Nyandarua leaders,
We say rift-valley is the food basket of the country but is that true?
They produce maize and wheat but you produce cabbages, carrots, peas, sugar beets, milk and potatoes.
When rift-valley leaders fight for proper pricing of maize what is that ailment that you usually land on your mouths? Kìhuti or you suffer stammer?
Despite the high productivity there is no single thriving industry in Nyandarua. every product is sold raw to brokers or left to worms, dogs and cows.

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Hey Kiambu,
You give us presidents congratulations!
That’s a quite a blessing but the populace got nothing to show;I don’t want you to list roads and hospitals here, it is not all about traveling and getting sick.
It is all about cash in the pocket, Kiambu is a county of beverages, the cash crop is dairy, Tea and coffee but how are the industries doing? Is the farmer so happy that the only thing remaining is voting for another president?
I say no more, Internalize that final question.

Dear Murang’a leaders,
I want to commend you for the best road network in the region, every constituency got more than ten kilometers of tarmac.
That’s quite an economic enabler but what are our economic activities? We can only use the roads to transport ourselves to Nairobi to do Hawking and prostitution.
KTDA directors continue to cripple the tea industries while the coffee Industry…by the way what is coffee? Am sure you forgot. Do I mention our bananas, arrowroot and sweet potatoes, fruits like oranges, pears plums and Avocados or do we continue to sell them raw until 2022?

Abai people of Kirinyaga, dearest your leaders,
The land of Rice, tomatoes, bananas and french beans.
Do you make tomato sauce? Where is your aromatic mwea pishori rice? I only see Pakistan rice. How many packaged bags do you export per year?
I leave you thinking about that.

A mention of Nyeri come with a remembrance of Maumau fighters but now it comes with a picture of a battle field for Kieleweke and Tangatanga troops.
Just like other counties I mentioned above they are coffee and tea producers.
The tale and the questions are a replica.
It is not better in Embu, Tharaka and Meru.

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Dear Mt. Kenya leaders, I want to call you to order.
Who is this Jesus that will come in 2022? Who made you John the Baptist to prepare his way?

We have lost focus on our people, we are auctioning hungry and hopeless people as votes. What a curse!!

Yesterday I bought Makueni yogurt from a supermarket in Nairobi, I doubt Makueni got better cows than Nyandarua, Laikipia and Nyeri.

I wish we could unite and focus on what we produce and the economic power we got;
look at INDUSTRIES, VALUE ADDITION and the MARKET then wait for 2022 to produce another president or auction our votes to a leader who will cater for our interests: good survival our industries.
Shut up and think the people, it is not all about voting.

Signed, Kiyo Nganga.
The last seer of the king and region.

Kiyo Nganga is a Criminologist

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