Suspected Pedophile denied bail in Kigumo, Muranga County


Suspected Pedophile Ezekiel Kimemia has pleaded not guilty in a defilement case in Ikumbi, Kigumo Constituency.

Appearing before Magistrate Agnes Oganda in Kigumo Court, Kimemia denied that he had molested an 11 year old girl at the Dochas Nasamu Children’s home he manages.

The Children’s home is  Irish run with the help of Kimemia’s sister Marryanne Mullen has been providing accommodation and shelter to about 60 orphans but they had to be moved to other facilities after the heinous act.

The 56 year old man is accused of abusing the girl whose case came to the limelight after she was taken to a home facility for treatment.

Kimemia was arrested on Monday and has been in police custody.

He was denied bail and will be held until June 16th, 2019.

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