CARS: 2019 Porsche Macan review

By Cameron Kirby¬† For With improved dynamics and an all-new engine,¬†Porsche¬†remasters its stonking¬†Macan¬†in order to depose recent usurpers WHAT IS IT? Still in its first generation,¬†the Macan¬†has been a smash success... Read more »

2019 BMW i3s 94Ah REx review: EV Megatest

Bavaria‚Äôs bespoke EV plays catch-up TIMING is everything. Back in 2014, the¬†brilliant i3 60Ah¬†was the first EV to scoop COTY, bringing enigmatic and audacious design, packaging and engineering, while still encapsulating BMW... Read more »

PHOTOS: Vehicles with similar number plates could lead you to jail

Hundreds Kenyans risk losing their cars if they are reported to have similar number plates, the government has said. This is as¬† the NTSA offices were raided on Wednesday and 19 staffers... Read more »

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