Drought will make Census fail – MPs from ASALs say

MPs from the pastoralist areas have expressed fear that drought affecting seven Counties may interfere with the National Census set for next month. The Counties that have been hit hard by the... Read more »

Government pays sh1 billion to drought striken residents in Northern Kenya

The Ministry of Agriculture has received Sh600 million towards water pans and household water storage, while Water ministry has received Sh680 million for water trucking and rehabilitation of boreholes. The CS further... Read more »

Drought situation to worsen, CS Wamalwa warns

The drought situation in the country may worsen if the rains continue to delay. Devolution CS Eugene Wamalwa has said the drought situation remains serious in 13 Counties that have been affected,... Read more »

Turkana Governor Nanok praises Sonko for helping the hunger-stricken Kenyans

The immediate former Council of Governors chairperson, who is also Turkana Governor Josephat Nanok, has praised his Nairobi counterpart Governor Mike Sonko for helping the hunger-affected regions. Sonko has sent food stuffs... Read more »

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