‘View once’ is coming to WhatsApp on Latest update

In order to stay up-to-date and in demand, WhatsApp is releasing new features. Just like Snapchat, WhatsApp is also coming up with a ‘view once’ feature. Very soon, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg... Read more »

WhatsApp Limits Message forwarding to Slow spread of Coronavirus Misinformation

Facebook Inc’s WhatsApp tightened message forwarding limits on Tuesday, restricting users to sharing forwarded content one chat at a time after a jump in messages touting bogus medical advice since the start... Read more »

WhatsApp introduces Fingerprint Lock – here’s how to Enable it

WhatsApp has introduced Fingerprint Lock as an extra layer of security for its users worldwide. The new feature is currently available on Android phones. Early this year, the social media platform also... Read more »

WhatsApp is adding a feature to let you reject group invitations

Have you ever woken up to WhatsApp notifications of a random group that you were added to without your knowledge? It is such an annoying experience, especially if the group you are... Read more »

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