The end for Mwangi wa Iria? What next after two terms as Governor


With very few Governors having made back for second terms in the 2017 elections, on tends to wonder what next for the politicians, and specifically Muranga Governor Mwangi wa Iria.

Iria who is currently serving in his second term has not yet made it clear to the masses of his next move after end of term in 2022.

However political pundits surrounding him have been seen to allude to the Jubilee governor seeking a national seat in the next government.

Mwangi has been at the helm of Muranga governor seat and is also said to be pushing to be the next Mk Kenya Kingpin to ensure the region gets a fair share of the national cake.

“The Governor is likely to ascend to national politics, a move you all saw during the repeat elections in 2017 when he led the Campaign team around the counties in Mt Kenya region and Mombasa where he is said to have invested heavily,” Analyst Jimmy Githae states.

Wa Iria was able to defend his seat along with his Embu Counterpart Martin Wambora and has since been able to cover more political ground as compared to the first time governors.

He is current serving as the vice chairman of the Council of Governors of Kenya.

“If it kicks off well, his milk project will also boost his political life and Iria will remain a threat in the region and by far the country.”

However the governor may be required to prove his worth by ensuring his second term is more development minded as opposed to his first which led to him conflicting with former Kigumo MP who lost in the primaries for a Jubilee ticket.

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Kamau had accused Iria of duping voters with dubious projects as opposed to real development projects for the larger good of masses.

A section of voters in Murang’a believe Iria has done well in the past six years and would have a chance if he seeks election in the county for a different seat in the county.

“I am sure our current governor would easily work for us in a capacity of an MP or even Senator as he now understands politics in Muranga and is up to the task,” a resident says.

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