The Story of Moses Wanyoike – The Ngogoyo Musician who now Languishes in Poverty.


Life is a turn and twist of events. Today someone is at his life crest; the next moment he crumbles down to the trough; and vice versa. Such has been the life of Kikuyu Benga music former “Ngogoyo” star Moses Wanyoike.

“I sleep in a leaking house and I can’t feed my poor family,” Maestro Benga (Ngogoyo) Musician Moses Wanyoike.

The Generals Caucus group of youth leaders paid the Ngogoyo maestro a visit at his home in Kiahiti village, Muthithi ward in Kigumo constituency on Sunday, 13th June 2021.

From the path entering into the homestead, a mud walled house with age beaten, rusty rooftop welcomed them. Just infront of the house was the kitchen. It is made of old scraps of iron sheets.

Maestro Ngogoyo singer Wanyoike playing guitar and his songs to his visitors The Generals Caucus team at his home in Kiahiti. PHOTO|COURTESY


They could not believe their eyes. How could a person; whose songs they hear airing on the local radio stations be the owner of such a dilapidated home?

Little had their surprise sank than a frail, dark, old, shabbily dressed man welcomed them amidst a tired smile into his homestead. Yes, the man whose songs entertain millions of people; Maestro Moses Wanyoike. Who is this man, Maestro? What happened to him?

Alex Kibaki, chairman (The Generals Caucus) team addressing the gathered. PHOTO|COURTESY

Maestro debut into the music industry was in 1977. He produced his first album that also hit, “Nyûmba ya Mathare.” His other hit album is: “Nî Ngûûka.”

After his last album, “Tupende Kenya” more than a decade ago, Moses Wanyoike was hit by illness.

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“I have been in and out of hospitals from then,” Says Wanyoike. His ailment has drawned all his money and caused his fall into poverty.

Mr. Wanyoike says he cannot remember the number of songs he has recorded but he claims to have lots of songs he’s yet to record in studio.


He requests people of good will to help him build a house.

“I have a dream of starting a music school to teach playing the guitar and also record my unrecorded songs. Would anyone help me, I would be very grateful and a happy man.” Wanyoike said.

His house, is in deplorable situation. The rain season is like a misfortune to him as he suffers under the leaking roofs.

The Generals Caucus team offered some foodstuff among other domestic-use things.

Mr. Moses Wanyoike at his home during the visit. PHOTO|COURTESY

Mr. Wanyoike has not given up in life. He has a dream and hope that his star will shine again. His dream is valid.

Dick Munyonyi’s Firirinda song hit 30 years after its release. And so did Munyonyi’s star shine again. Mr. Wanyoike can still restore his glory.

Anyone willing to support the maestro Kikuyu  benga musician can visit his home at Githunguri village, Kiahiti in Muthithi ward, Kigumo constituency in Murang’a County.

By: Gitau Wa Kung’u

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