TV Cancels Broadcast Of Bayern Munich Game Because Ref Was A Woman


Bayern Munich’s Bundesliga game against Augsburg was not shown on Iranian TV because the referee for the match, Bibiana Steinhaus, was a woman.

IRIB are said to have cancelled their scheduled coverage because Iran, specifically its Islamic laws, do not approve of showing images of women wearing clothes that reveal large amounts of skin.

As per DW, Iran regularly censor movie scenes where actresses’ clothing is considered to be revealing and it appears as though there’s an issue with Steinhaus wearing football shorts.

Natalie Amiri, Iran correspondent for German public broadcaster ARD, tweeted to say that the broadcast in Iran was scrapped and it all boiled down to the fact there was a female official in charge.

This isn’t the first time it has happened either, as during the game between FC Köln and Bayern Munich that Steinhaus took charge of in May 2018, there were reportedly a load of random shots of supporters in the stands when the camera was on her.

It’s a real shame that this is still happening as it takes the gloss off Steinhaus and her unprecedented achievements in the game.

She enrolled on a course aged 15 and initially juggled being a police officer alongside her refereeing career and still works 25 hours a week in the local department.

From 2007 onwards, ‘Bibi’ officiated games in the German second tier and then experienced career highlights when she was assigned to the 2011 women’s World Cup final, the 2012 Olympic women’s final and then the 2017 women’s Champions League final.

September 2017 was when she well and truly made history by becoming the first woman to referee a Bundesliga game, inspiring many young girls in the process.

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“It has always been my dream to be a Bundesliga referee,” she told the official DFB website.

“That this dream will come true naturally fills me with joy. On one hand it is confirmation of my hard work, and on the other hand it is a great incentive to continue to work hard.”

Named as one of the top referees in Germany in 2018, here’s hoping the 39-year old is able to break down more barriers – in particular the unnecessary and ancient censoring that still exists.

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