Uhuru walks into DP Ruto’s Office Unannounced ‘for Lunch’


President Uhuru Kenyatta could be on a road to making peace with heated political rivals DP William Ruto and former Premier Raila Odinga.

The President on Monday made abrupt visits to the two leaders’ offices and was held in closed door meetings for at least an hour with each.

According to a close aide of the President, Uhuru wants the two leaders to end their conflicting paths and focus on helping him deliver the big four agenda.

President Uhuru is said to have walked in announced at Harambe Annex as DPs staff were having lunch.

“Everyone ran from the dining area to their offices after the President’s aides came in clearing the corridors, nobody expected him,” the aide said.

Ruto has been holed up in his office all day with a few meetings.

The President and his aide then had lunch together as they engaged privately.

presidential Escort Outside DP’s Offices [photo | courtesy]

More on this developing story to follow

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