Undercover Police posing as Drug buyers arrested by Undercover Police posing as Drug dealer


The life of undercover police is not an easy one, as officers have to give up their personal life during the time they are undercover and take on a very new lifestyle, in this case, the life of a drug dealer.

Most embarrassing thing ever

Undercover police went to Detroit and posed as drug dealers. However, thanks to a mess up, another police group thought that they were real drug dealers and so they raided the house in what turned out to be one of the most embarrassing things ever seen in the department according to the Police chief.

Not the First Time

According to Disclose TV This is not the first time that something similar has happened. During the 80s, an incident occurred that saw two police officers killed.
While it is understood that when going undercover only those that are immediately involved can know what is happening, it can bring about unwanted consequences and mistakes. It seems that in this case, the Detroit police kept the undercover operations too undercover as one department pretending to be drug buyers arrested the other pretending to be drug dealers.

Video footage shows the drug raid where Detroit police officers from two precincts got into a violent confrontation with one another.


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