US Military To Develop Land-Based Military Supply Routes From Djibouti To Somalia To Enhance Operations Against Al Shabaab


The United States military has announced plans to develop land-based supply routes from the main American military base to other subsidiaries in the region among them Somalia where it conducts airstrikes against al Shabaab.

According to the Strategic Intelligence, The U.S. Defense Department is in the early stages of a project to develop land-based supply routes from Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti, to other U.S. camps across the eastern part of the continent. The first phase will link the camp in Djibouti to Baledogle, the U.S. camp in Somalia.

U.S. military personnel usually make the 60-mile trip from the Mogadishu International Airport complex—which acts as the base for most internationals—to Baledogle in a helicopter.

The land route is set to improve the operations and swiftness in response as well as improve the quality and efficiency of missions by the US military against al Shabaab and other jihadists in the strategic Horn of Africa region.

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