VIDEO: Julius Malema slams Polling Clerk who ordered his Wife to Remove Fake nails before Voting


On Wednesday 8 May 2019, South Africans headed to the polls to vote in the country’s sixth democratic elections. Political analysts have called it the biggest elections since the dawn of democracy.

EFF leader Julius Malema was on this election day irked by an IEC staff member who apparently instructed his wife Mantwa Matlala-Malema to remove her fake nails before she could vote.

The pair was voting at the Mponegele Primary School in Seshego, Limpopo, South Africa.
Malema said he found the instruction “bizzare” because there was no such a rule and he approached the electoral officer who cleared Mantwa to vote.

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Malema said: “There was some IEC staff member who said to my wife she must take off her nail so that they can put a mark and I found that bizzare.” He said

You cannot have such a patriarchal arrangement happening inside the voting station. The electoral officer came and said she can vote with her nail. But the person who puts a mark on people, she has a pair of scissors and gives it to people to take off their nails, so I do not know how many people’s nails were taken off.” He added

“It must never be costly for people to vote, because to put on nails is money and then you have someone giving you scissors to take them off, are they going to pay for it? So it cannot be. W do not run elections through emotions, you ought to know the rules by heart.”

The EFF leader also made it very clear who he voted for, check out the video below:

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