[VIDEO] KOT Wowed by the Story of Shiko and Rama Delivering by Themselves


Unassisted childbirth is not a common thing and yesterday the internet was on fire with the story of Shiko and Rama trending. Imagine this couple decided to undergo the childbirth process by themselves at the comfort of their home without assistance from a medical birth attendant (midwife).

On that day, which is six days ago, the young couple did not know that Shiko was going to deliver on this particular day. Therefore, they went on their usual routine and at around 1 PM, Shiko drove to the market to purchase some groceries.

Shiko Nguru, a 34-year-old mum of 3 now; 8-year-old girl, a 2-year-old boy and newly born bouncing baby boy posted on her Vlog the entire experience from the time she started experiencing surges, actual labor and the delivery moment.

While still in the market, she realized that the contractions were unusual since they were getting intense and consistent and so she called her midwife to inform her of the situation.

“I had been having prodromal contractions for a whileat 1.30pm i called my midwife and told her you to know what i think this might be the real thing because they have been pretty consistent. I had timed them on a contraction app and they were coming once every three minutes. After timing around 4 of them the app just stopped and said call an ambulance, go to the hospital” She narrates to the camera.

However, the midwife was not around and that meant that she was not able to come immediately.

Prodromal labor

This is a type of labor that comes before active labor but does not progress towards delivery. It’s also irregular with contractions lasting for around 30-45 seconds giving the expectant mother around 5-30 minutes of rest in between contracts. Usually, they last for a period of around 8-12 hours.

Hurriedly, she drove back home to her loving husband Ramsey and told him that the surges were becoming intense and since the midwife was out of reach, they will have to undergo the process.

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All these things are being shown in their 24-minute video. When the App informed her that things were serious, on reaching home she reported the info to the husband but since the surges had been happening for quite a while, the husband was confused whether the day had arrived or it was just the usual surges.

What is flabbergasting is the fact that they made it look so easy having taken only 44 minutes for the baby to come out.

Check out the video below.

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