Wa Iria ‘appoints’ Super CEC in reshuffle


Weeks after being elected the Vice Chairman of the Council of Governors (CoG), Murang’a governor Mwangi Wa Iria has reshuffled his cabinet giving super powers to one CEC to enable him (the governor) conduct his CoG duties effectively.

The newly elected Vice Chairman of the Council of Governors on Friday ousted a number of his county executive committee members (CECs) and warned that non-performing CECs have been put on a notice and that he’ll fire them in future.


Murang’a county Water CEC Paul Macharia now has sweeping powers on the oversight of County Government key project which includes but not limited to: fighting and winning the ongoing water wars, Murang’a County Creameries smooth running, coffee and avocado cartel.

“I want the milk industry to be up and running in 10 days while we wipe out coffee cartels and this informed the reshuffle,” he said speaking to a local news outlet.

Murang’a County Water executive Paul Macharia.
Mr. Paul will also head the Agriculture and Cooperatives dockets. PHOTO| COURTESY

This has Signaled Mr. Iria’s confidence in the Water CEC in his final term in office that will shape his legacy.


Others who landed a new docket in the reshuffle  include former Agriculture CEC Mr Albert Mwaniki who will now head the Livestock and Veterinary docket.

Edward Muiruri who held the Cooperatives docket will be in charge of Sports and Youth Services.

Ms Cecilia Wanjiku who will now be in charge of Environment and Lands.

Gerrison Nyagia will continue to be in charge of Education while David Waweru retains the Finance docket.

The Lands, Planning and Housing Docket has been split to create two dockets, Ms Sarah Masaki who previously held the docket will now concentrate with Planning and Urban Housing alone.

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Mr. Wairia also gazetted the Coffee Revival Board which will be chaired by the former executive director of the Kenya School of Monetary Studies Prof Kinandu Muragu and tasked with fighting un-ending cartels and improving the coffee industry in the county.

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