Wangari Kigo Spearheading Covid-19 Vaccination Drive in Kinyona


While politicians around the country are focused on consolidating the electorate for votes, Ann Wangari Kigo, an enterprising Nominated Member of Murang’a County Assembly, is busy mobilizing them to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

Over 5000 people have gotten the vaccine courtesy of her mobilization effort, which she coordinated with the help of Muranga County Government health department.

‘Kaba Wa Kigo’ slogan has been the talk of the mountainous villages of upper Kigumo Constituency with residents expressing their gratitude towards Wa Kigo for bringing close to them this most sought commodity currently in the world.

Vaccinations and mobilization have been in place in the following areas in Kinyona Ward:

  • Gikoe Health Center
  • Kinyona Dispensary
  • Tata Hannah Dispensary
  • Mununga Resource center
  • Gikigie Dispensary
  • Kamunganga Dispensary
  • Gacharage Tea Factory among others.

Locals receive jab at Kamung’ang’a dispensary in lower Kinyona courtesy of MCA Wangari Kigo.
Ms. Kigo while addressing residents in these areas urged them to continue practicing preventative measures which include Sanitizing with an alcohol based sanitizer or washing their hands with soap frequently.

She also continued to encourage them to wear face masks while outdoors or in a crowded setting as well as maintaining physical distance (social distancing) of at least 1.5 meters away from others.

This, she noted, combined with fully vaccination provides the best protection for them and those around them, especially the old.

“Elections will come and go, but the health of our people who will actually participate in the election is paramount, government and leaders should focus more on the vaccination drive,” She said.

The Government of Kenya is has announced that it’s committed to fully vaccinating the entire population of adults (18 years and above) living in Kenya by June 2022.

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The Ministry of Health report shows that over 898,553 Kenyans have been fully vaccinated and over 2.8 Million have at least received one dose in the country.

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