Water rationing to end in Nairobi as major dams fill to the brim


The three major dams that supply water to Nairobi are now full.

This means water supply in the capital city is will take us until August 2020.

The Ndakaini, Sasumua and Ruiru dams with 70, 15.91 and 2.98 million cubic meters respectively are full courtesy of the heavy rains that have been experienced for the last one month.

Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company acting managing director Nahashon Muguna says this, coupled with ongoing water infrastructure projects, will see the water rationing reduced significantly.

Muguna said the water from the dams will be treated and transmitted direct to the city for supply to residents.

“The treatment plants and the transmission pipelines have a maximum design capacity and the available water for now will be distributed equitably,” said Muguna.

The company is collaborating with other state organs in developing new water sources infrastructure to enable reduce the supply deficit that now stands at 260,000 cubic meters per day.

This includes the Northern Collector Tunnel project which will bring an additional 140,000 cubic meters by December 2020.

New dams being done are Karemenu Dam, Maragwa 4 Dam and Ruiru ll Dam which are in various levels of design, stage and development.

Karemenu dam will be completed by December 2022, while the other Dams will be completed by 2026.

The county is also working on new borehole projects aimed at cutting the water deficit by a further 10per cent.

The county government, through the Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company and Athi Water, has done 30 boreholes and more are lined for drilling beginning January next year.

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“The shortfall will take time because the demand increases by 20,000 cubic meters a year but with the completion of these projects and those done in collaboration with the national government, we will cut it down to less than 100,000 cubic meters,” Muguna said.

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