We need to raise the flag half mast to mourn Ethiopian Plane Crash


Days after thirty two Kenyans were among the 157 killed in the Ethiopian Airlines crash in Addis Ababa, the country is yet to mourn them with flags half mast.

This is after a plane flying to Nairobi from Addis Ababa
crashed on Sunday.

Ethiopian Airlines identified the flight number as ET 302/10 and said the crash took place around Bishoftu, formerly known as Debre-Zeit.

The Boeing 737-800MAX was carrying 157 people and nobody survived the accident.

The plane is the same type of plane as the Indonesian Lion Air jet that crashed last October, 13 minutes after takeoff from Jakarta, killing all 189 people on board.

In an ongoing training for Journalists on the Environment in Nairobi, participants were on Monday requested to observe a few minutes of silence, it is however is not clear as to why flags are being raised on full mast as opposed to the norm when the country is mourning.

Those who died include:

32 passengers were Kenyan

18 Canada

9 Ethiopian

8 Chinese

8 Italian

8 US

7 British

7 France

6 Egypt

5 Netherlands

4 UN passport

4 Indian

3 Russian

2 Moroccan

2 Israeli

1 Belgian

1 Ugandan

1 Yemeni

1 Sudanese

1 Togo

1 Mozambican

1 Norwegian

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