WhatsApp is adding a feature to let you reject group invitations


Have you ever woken up to WhatsApp notifications of a random group that you were added to without your knowledge? It is such an annoying experience, especially if the group you are added to devalues your social media presence.

Apparently, WhatsApp is building a new feature called ‘group invitations’ which will allow users to automatically reject any other person from adding them to group.

WABetaInfo reports that the feature is being tested on WhatsApp for iOS and it is expected to be available for Android users as well on both WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business in the future update.

How the group invitation feature will work

If you want to block your addition to WhatsApp groups, you’ll have to go to the Settings menu, and then select the Groups option to change whether you can automatically be added to groups.

You can choose between Everyone, where you can be always added in groups without any invites received; My Contacts, where you can be always added in groups from your contacts, and you’ll receive an invite to join a group from people not in your contacts list; or Nobody which will block anyone from adding you to a group.

Eventually, if the group admin can not automatically add you to a group, then you will receive an invitation to join the group which expires after 72 hours. To this, you can either accept, or decline.

However, you will continue to be able to join a group using a group link invite, regardless of the privacy option you selected.

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