When Talent blends With Passion: Meet Young poet Revolutionizing the poetry world.


Some people will say that poetry has been eroded away by the new turn on music industry but that’s not the case for Maxwell James popularly known as “Jimmy the poet”.

In an interview with Mt. Kenya Journal, the young champ claims to have started poetry as young as 7 years old and his strength was in writing.

After he joined primary school, he loved acting dramas and also participated in public speaking at zonal level. After completion of the Primary Education he joined Utumishi Boys academy where he chaired the journalism club at one point.

Well, enough of that he claims to be motivated by his late brother who was an artist to do more practice on poetry who succumbed to Colon Cancer in 2017.

“Losing my brother was the toughest moment of my life, I dint know what to do so I thought of writing some poem for him as a way of relieving the pain at heart” He told our reporter.
Since 2017 he has written over 300 poems.

Here is a sample of his latest poems:

  • Kiss it better poem
  • Stop practicing old moves
  • It’s all under your roof
  • When you first to love
  • Or even fast to love wear some glove
  • Kiss it better
  • Lower your pride
  • Drive or ride
  • Stay by the side
  • Love is kind
  • Touch like there is no tomorrow
  • Feel like there doesn’t exist a word called sorrow
  • Kiss it its yours nothing to borrow
  • Remember what to swallow
  • Kiss it better
  • Show that you mean it
  • So don’t be mean with it
  • Feel the tenderness
  • Feel the sweetness
  • Kiss it better
  • Add her more love brew
  • Nut to screw
  • Like you both flew
  • On a plane to the skies blue
  • Remember
  • Don’t copy what to do
  • For you can’t fit in their shoe
  • Kiss it better

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