Why Jamleck – Kamau Wandutu is the wrong ticket for Muranga Governor seat


A week ago social media pages went ablaze after Former Mp Jamleck Kamau attended a social function in the company of Ahadi Kenya CEO Kamau Wandutu.

The reason behind the excitement was the emergence of Jamleck into the public after months of missing in action, and this led to his followers suggest that the two leaders form a pact to run together for Governor in 2022.

The two have not spoken on the issue and on the material day they focused on helping the needy with wheelchairs, giving food donations and steered clear off current politics.

Of interest was a photo of the two leaders holding a walking stick together, a photo that many have interpreted to being the birth of a new political vehicle.

However a keen eye into the issue shows the two would form a formidable team to take charge of Muranga county, but would not emerge winners at the end of the race.

Here is why the two would not be the Governor and Deputy Governor come 2023 if they ran together.

  1. Ego

The two leaders have a a big ego, just like many other leaders, however politics is like marriage, one has to mute whem the other talks to avoid heating up issues for no reason.

Science shows that the bigger the ego, the harder it is to control a man.


2. Money

Jamleck and Kamau wa Ndutu are some of the richest ‘young moneyed’ people there are in Muranga, and this would make it more difficult for their supporters to play ball either way.

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Money goes hand in hand with ego and this can be put even with the current President and Deputy President.

3. Both appeal to the youthful voters

The two vocal but controlled leaders have a huge fan base of the youthful population, and this has not worked well for any leader seeking election as it is common knowledge that youths do not always show up when they are needed to.


4 . They are Pro  Uhuru

The next Governor for Muranga County must not be politically inclined towards the current leadership as this will make them lose a  chunk of some huge vote.

Jamleck and Wa Ndutu are President Uhuru Kenyatta’s loyalists and have in the past openly defended him.


5. Ghosts from the past

Jamleck has in the last general election vied for Governor and came in second during the 2017 party primaries.

However word is that he lost the race as his competitors painted a picture of him being affiliated to a sect in the region, well, nobody has ever proven this to be true.

On the other hand, Wa Ndutu has never been married, as much as the public knows, and this has for a long time been used against him. It would be interesting to see how he would walk past it.

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