Why Polycarp Igathe could take charge of Nairobi, unknowingly

Polycarp Igathe is not a new name to most Kenyans as he topped most news highlights in January 2018.
That was after he resigned as Nairobi Deputy Governor after only four months in office. Igathe cited lack of trust from his boss, the Nairobi County Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko.
Igathe went on to serve as Equity Bank Managing Director before moving to his current position of Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Vivo Energy where he still works.
However it seems we are not done with the 47 year old professional as it is emerging he did not resign procedural as the number two in Nairobi County.
According to IEBC, Igathe was supposed to have resigned to the Speaker of the Nairobi County Assembly, and copied a letter to Sonko. Igathe however did the opposite, writing to Sonko and copying the letter to IEBC.
A visit to IEBC reveals that indeed the commission does not recognize Igathe’s resignation but an employee cited that could be the reason why Sonko has been unable to appoint a new deputy.
At City Hall, a source told us that the county ideally has a deputy who is Igathe as the paperwork states he still holds office.
“The truth is that Nairobi County has a deputy governor though he does not even know, the good thing is he does not receive a salary or any benefit, but the sad reality is that in the eventuality that out governor is unable to serve, we will have to dissolve the county in the long run,” the source said.
It is interesting how this will pan out as Kenyans are expressing different opinions on whether to have the county government dissolved or not.
The Constitution states that the office of the governor shall become vacant if the holder of the office dies, resigns, ceases to be eligible to be elected county governor; is convicted of an offence punishable by imprisonment for at least twelve months or is removed from office under this Constitution.
The law also states that in the event a vacancy occurs in the office of county governor and that of deputy county governor, or if the deputy county governor is unable to act, the speaker of the county assembly shall act as county governor, but only for sixty (60) days.
Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji on Friday ordered for the arrest of Sonko and other county officials over corruption.
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